Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just for a 'fun aside' I'd like to post a screen shot of this blog I found while searching on (

Here's the interesting part... the Blog has (nearly, but not quite) the same name as mine! The Doppelganger-named Blog is called 'DC Digressions' while mine is called 'DC's Digression.'

The 'other' DC site is kind of like the opposite of mine, because mine is dark and her's is light. We have totally different content, but that doesn't make mine better (or worse) than her's. I like to think of our two blogs as taking residence at two ends of the blog spectrum.

The funny part is that the 'DC' part of my blog name comes from my name, while her 'DC' comes from where she is writing from (Washington, D.C.). Kind of funny how these things work out, and who would have thought that so many variables would come together to allow this coincidence to occur.

  1. We both used 'DC,' although meaning different things, inevitably they were chosen.
  2. We both used 'Digression' in the name of our blogs acting as a noun/verb (or at least in my case it does, I cannot speak for my fellow blogger)
  3. The fact that I did not even know about her blog before I started my own.
  4. The fact that I probably would not even KNOW about her blog if I had not searched for 'DC's Digression' on Blogsearch! (and I was doing this to see if my blog had been added to the search engines yet)

Through the coming together of all these random occurrences , we both came up with near (like 98%) near identical names for our blogs. It's really crazy if you think about all the elements that had to fall into place for this occur. But I am rambling... soooo I digress, my next posting will be a little more back to the usual 'criticism!'