Sunday, March 16, 2008

Salim Mansur on Multiculturalism (or lack there of)

Salim Mansur on multiculturalism

I just read this blog entry on Dr Roy's Thoughts Blog and was shocked to hear that Salim Mansur would want us to dispose of our mulitculturalism! This seems like a step in the wrong direction. How are we going to be able to understand other cultures if we are not exposed to them? Do we really want to turn into a country that is based on the perception that our own culture is the epitome of the 'best' culture. That seems a little pompous to disregard all 'non-western' cultures as below our own.

If we are ever to make this world a better place to live in, knowledge of each other (and when I say 'each other,' I mean every culture, society, civilization in the world) is the greatest element we can obtain. For instance, if you were researching 'how people used shoes,' would you just focus on North American shoes? I bet you wouldn't, because you would be leaving out a wide spectrum of shoes that people use from all over the world.

Do we really want to force people to accept our culture even when they do not want to? Are we teaching people that is wrong to be different? That everyone should be similar, and no one can be unique. That is what it seems like to me, and for me that is VERY wrong. Everyone has the right to think differently, act differently, and have their own 'unique' culture.