Saturday, March 29, 2008

Turn Off the Lights, Or Are You Afraid of the Dark or Something?

I was surfing the net earlier and went to search something up on Google (I think it was 'breastenglargementhypnosis') and noticed that the entire Google page was black! So I checked out a little link below the search box, and found out that TODAY is Earth Hour Day!

Today for one hour people all across North America will be turning their lights off for one hour. Apparently doing this saves a LOT of energy. But, I urge everyone to participate, I mean really.... what is the big deal of not having the lights on for ONE hour? It's really not that long. You could make shadow puppets with a flashlight, you could play hide-and-seek with your friends, contemplate the meaning of life, read a book (if you have a booklight), sleep, and other cool adult things!

I think it is a really good cause, and everyone should get invovled... seriously! It's not that hard, you can even use your pinky to switch off the lights if you want... although, I guess you might have to use your index finger to turn off your computer (that may be too strenuous). But in all seirousness, Earth Day - a good cause, easy to do, and saves energy - What more could you ask for!

PS- I know you might not be able to peel yourself away from this blog, but it will be okay... after the hour, I'm pretty sure it will be still be here.