Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Uncooperative Blogger's Anti-Muslim Rant, Promoting 'Witch Hunt'

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The Uncooperative Blogger, recently posted a criticism of the The Armchair Critic's post concerning the recent blog article titled "List of Things That Offend Muslims". The Uncooperative Blogger's post states:

"The growing insanity over Geert Wilder's movie Fitna Shows us once again that Islam is not a tolerant religion"

"Now, this ill informed idiot at The Armchair Critic is doing the same thing to Kevin Weakley of The Amboy Times, for Posting his "List of Things That Offend Muslims.""

"I applaud Weakly[author of the 'List of Things That Offend Muslims'] for reporting THE TRUTH about the over the top hate mongering and complete intolerance, that too many Muslims engage in all too frequently, and to call them on it."

Now I don't agree with The Armchair Critic's comments about how the author of the 'List' should be shot, but he has a point about how ludicrous the list is. I mean the Islamic religion may be against certain things (ie: music), but aren't all religions, in essence against something? Couldn't we make a list about Catholics for instance (Although, I bet you as many, or more people would have a problem with that list too)? The Uncooperative Blogger does not help the situation by stating how intolerant Islam is. In his statement he seems to be hinting that there is a tolerant religion out there somewhere in our world. But, is there really? Can you really name a religion that accepts every facet of every society? All religions are based on accepted values, and unaccepted values. If you try to single out Islam as an intolerant religion, it is impossible because no religion is tolerant.

The Uncooperative Blogger states that the 'List' speaks the truth about the "over the top hate mongering" and "complete intolerance, that too many Muslims engage in all too frequently." These acquisitions are blanket statements. I mean, can you really state that ALL Muslims are extremists, and that EVERYONE who follows Islam believes/acts this way? I don't think you can. There are tons of extremist groups in other religions that act the same way (And in no way do I condone Islamic-extremist activities). For instance highly polarized religious groups such as (I refuse to post a direct link to their site, because I 100% disagree with their ideology) promote hatred and intolerance on a grand scale. Why is it that Muslims are the only group that seems to garner this label as "hate mongering" and "complete intolerance??"

Personally, I believe that people have become too caught up in propaganda and fear regarding the 'War on Terror.' The United States and other Western countries have become too focused on promoting the idea that all terrorism comes from Muslim extremists, that people have come to label ALL Muslims in those terms. It is people like the Uncooperative Blogger that would promote witch hunts like those that were carried out in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is people like the Uncooperative Blogger that promote the same ideas that were present during the Cold War when McCarthyism took over the United States (Everyone was a communist back then, if you were different).

Like I have stated, if the list had been entitled 'List of Things That Offend Christians,' there would be as much, or more, backlash against the author as there has been for the 'List of Things That Offend Muslims.' You cannot attack a religion just because it is not tolerant of the same values that we hold in the Western world. Different is not wrong, it is just different. When people stop thinking that their way is the best way, and are able to see from a different perspective, then and only then will we be able to disregard hatred such as this.