Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Attacks on Jimmy Carter Uncalled For

Fausta's blog article regarding Jimmy Carter's reported plans to visit the leader of Hamas, states:

"few things spread the virtues of democracy like kissing up to murderous thugs."

The article lists the many "murderous thugs" that Carter has met with over his time in the president's office: such as Robert Mugabe, Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Il of North Korea and Omar al-Bashar of Sudan. But can you really cast a bad light on Carter because he has chosen to meet with this people? I am pretty sure that he hasn't met with these leaders to talk about world domination or converting the United States into a Communist nation.

There is no way he is meeting with Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal, to give him a pat on the back and tell him to keep up the good work. I think people are blinded by bad publicity waged against Carter if they believe is he 'up to no good.' You cannot try to formulate peace if you are unwilling to acknowledge there is two sides to an argument. Just because the United States has a great relationship with Israel, and no relationship with Palestine at all, doesn't mean their point of view is any less valid. Personally, I believe both sides are adding to the tensions and hostilities. If there is no inclusion of a Palestinian perspective, then there is no hope for peace.

People are always so quick to judge, and call Carter an anti-semite... but is he really? Isn't a peace between the Palestinians and Israelites a good thing? I don't think that an extermination of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza is right? Do you? No, because they are still people, and it seems that Carter wants to create a peace process that would allow both sides to live peacefully together.

On a side note, if you knock Carter for meeting with Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Il, and other labeled 'bad guys' as deplorable, then I think that is a very narrow-minded viewpoint. He was able to meet with these leaders, when present day governments just ignore them until something happens. Because of all the 'bad press' that Carter has received over making the hard decisisons, people are quick to judge him as a horrible person. He is doing more than George W. Bush is at the moment. When was the last time Bush met with the leaders of the countries that he doesn't agree with (like Iran)???