Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bush Suspends Drawdown; Continues to Play Dominoes

The Washington Post states that President George W. Bush wants to:

"indefinitely suspend a drawdown of U.S. forces from Iraq to consolidate recent security gains"

The President has agreed with General Petraeus' assertion that U.S. presence in Iraq is needed, and even though the government is planning to reduce the number of soldiers, and the length of their tour of duty, they are STILL going to stay in Iraq.

Not only does he want soldiers to stay in Iraq until an unspecified end date, he also sees Iraq as:

" 'the convergence point' for two of the greatest current threats to the United States: al-Qaeda and Iran."

It seems that Bush is setting up his dominoes. He has taken the 'War on Terror' from Afghanistan, to Iraq, and now it seems that he wants to knock down the next tile on the board game he calls war, with his sights fixed solely on Iran.

What does Bush hope to accomplish? It just seems that he is trying to eventually occupy the whole Middle East... It is just too hard to say where Bush's domino game will end.

With regards to the soldiers having no foreseen end date placed on their occupation of Iraq, I see Iraq as slowly becoming another imperial holding (more or less) for the United States. Their acquisition of Iraq was done with cloaked intentions (for instance under the guise of the 'War on Terror' and weapons of mass destruction).

Bush is really grasping at straws when he tries to prove his case for U.S. presence in Iraq. Now he is trying to turn attention away from Iraq, and onto Iran, WHILE still holding onto Iraq.

Now, my rant does not mean that I am against the troops already in Iraq (Because I am not). I wish them a happy life, but I hope that they get to return to their homes and families safe and sound. The best way to do this would be to get them out of Iraq as quick as possible. The answer is not to continue to occupy Iraq, and then somewhere in the near future, when Bush sets his sights on Iran have them sent there! Send the troops home, there has been enough bloodshed on both sides, nothing is being answered by their presence there. Soldiers are people, and people have rights too! I am sure every solider overseas cannot wait for the day when they are sent back home indefinitely. You cannot tell me that I am wrong about that.