Saturday, April 5, 2008

Idea: To Decrease Violence at Colleges, Allow Weapons on Campus

There has been a response to the deadly shootings at Illinois and Virginia campuses, and that is a move to make weapons legal at colleges. A recent NPR Article states:

"12 states are considering legislation to allow guns on college campuses."

This seems a little mind boggling to me, I don't know, (maybe my brain isn't working properly after writing three term papers last week) but it seems a little contradictory. So, after the shocking deaths of many college students at the hands of gunmen, they want to INCREASE not decrease the number of guns that are present on College campuses. So instead of having more security, and metal detectors, they want to allow students to bring handheld guns, and what have you, into classrooms, and onto the campus in general. Isn't this really a blaring statement against the memories of the innocent people that died on April 16th, 2007 and February 14th, 2008?

So they are going to allow students to bring 'a gun' to school with them, so that they can have it just in case something happens. I think this is proposterous, because this will only add to the problem. There is going to be no regulation on who is able to carry a gun, so that means it will be easier for people that would use guns for evil purposes to gain access to campus consequence-free. Also, even if people feel safer carrying guns on campus, what happens if there is a 'life or death situation?' Is there going to be a shootout? Wouldn't this most likely cause more deaths?

I say keep a ban on guns from College campuses. The college atmosphere is for learning, not for gun toting. I don't think that people carrying concealed weapons are going to make the campus any safer. Leave the guns at home, and protect the college atmosphere. Even though the shootings at Illinois and Virginia were heinous crimes, this doesn't mean that we should resort to allowing weapons on College grounds. Increase the security at campus, increase the police presence, etc.. But, I do not believe the power over life and death should be left to College students carrying guns.

Here is Glenn Beck stating the other side of the argument (just to make my opinion objective):

Apparently it doesn't matter if someone with a concealed weapon "accidentally kills someone," because they could have saved lives. Also, they "don't know who has been in a shootout," but what do you think will happen with scared College Students and a gunman on campus if even at least 1/3rd of the students are carrying guns? Just increase the security on the campuses... allowing people to carry guns on campuses is a cheap, 'quick fix' because then no one has to pay for extra security measures. Using students to provide security is totally ridiculous I say.


Jacob McArthur Mooney said...

Yeah, this is always an argument I can't in any way wrap my head around, yet it doesn't seem to ever go away. It's just such a shallow argument, sure, in this one example, if a well-armed student could have confronted the shooter, perhaps it would have limited the deathtoll. But how many other violent incidents would it create? How many non-lethal weapons altercations would become deadly weapons altercations? Colleges are hardly places that are immune to either stressful interactions or hotheaded reactions.

Peggy said...

September 18,2008

Searching for help on protecting our daughter on campus. Yesterday she was physically attacked by xboyfriend. He was arrested, but as of yet I don't know results. Have talked to student affairs people and my daughter has appointment tomorrow morning. She is not attending classes today. No mention of him being suspended, expelled what????Also this morning on the news two girls fought with boy and were stabbed, one dead. We don't want to overreact but can't be dumb either. Please help on steps to take.