Thursday, April 17, 2008

Texas Fred on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Point of View Best Left Unread

I recently visited Technorati to check up on the latest Independent News blogs, and came across a blog called TexasFred's. I started reading, and the more I read, the more my mouth dropped at the comments that were being made. On one hand, I was appalled at many of the posts that he made, but on the other hand I was happy. If you have visited the blog, I am sure you are wondering why would I be happy? Well, I was glad that he posted his ideas because it is a good example of what extremist views, racism, and closed thinking can accomplish.

I have a particular beef with one of his latest posts however, where he comments on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In his blog article, World News and Commentary from TexasFred the very last comment he makes is on a recent Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, where 20 Palestinians were killed.

His comments on this missile attack are:

"The only thing I have to say to our Israeli friends is this, don’t stop now, you’re just getting warmed up, put an end to this Palestinian infestation once and for all, and take Mr. Peanut out with that trash too while you’re at it, the world would be a much nicer place…"

I was shocked to read this because, although TexasFred may call me 'mushy' or 'weak,' I value people's lives no matter who they are. Both the Israeli's and Palestinians live in this area and need to come to some peace agreement to live together. The Palestinians are not some type of "infestation," they are human beings! They deserve to live as much as anyone else. I am sort of glad that TexasFred isn't running the United States, because I am pretty sure that the US would be involved in numerous wars around the world, from South America to China.

In his news snippet that he provides in his article he also fails to mention that of the Palestinians killed:

"At least 12 Palestinians, including five children aged 12-15, were killed, said Dr. Moaiya Hassanain of the Palestinian Health Ministry."

So, does TexasFred condone the killing of children? I should hope not, because those children are most likely not a part of some terrorist organization. There are Palestinian people that are NOT terrorists, which Fred seems to find hard to swallow.

Fred also comments that "the world would be a better place" but for who? Would it be a better place for the families of Palestinians that are killed? Violence and killing is not always the answer, and in this case it is the EASY answer. Sometimes the easy answer isn't always the best answer, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is definitely not something that can be easily answered, BUT this doesn't mean that people should give up on working on a peaceful solution.

TexasFred's point of view on this situation is very narrow. I do not agree with much that he says, but I do agree with free speech, and his viewpoint is up to him. He can post whatever he wants, but I suggest taking his point of view with a critical mindset. Think about the motives behind what he is saying, and for me, I will be leaving most of what he says unread. Just because he CAN post his point of view, doesn't mean it has to be read.


TexasFred said...

You betcha, kill every last one of em, IF they attack, KILL EM...

And 'mushy' isn't exactly what I would call you, but it kinda sounds like 'mushy'...

Thank you for linking MY site and helping ME in MY rise thru the ranks of the blog world, I hope you understand if I don't return the favor, I don't promote bleeding heart libbers...

DC said...

Thanks for the kind words TexasFred.

Is it fine that I wouldn't have wanted you to support MY rise through the blog ranks?

BUT, all in all, I think quality is more important than quantity... sooo, doesn't matter if I am ranked 8 million or 5. But, thanks again for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

The difference between DC and TexasFred is clear . DC might not agree wth Fred but will fight for his right to speak , Fred on the other hand is a typical example of a one-way blinkered tosser .

I am by no means left-wing but I'd rather have DC's take on free speech than that of a redneck upstart .

Caledonian Jim