Saturday, May 17, 2008

Americentrism: Molded Viewpoints

I was listening to some of my older music the other day and came across Rage Against the Machine. One song in particular stuck out to me as I was listening, "No Shelter."

In the song Zack De La Roche, the lead vocalist, states:

American eyes, American eyes
View the world from American eyes
Bury the past, rob us blind
And leave nothin behind

This is a very interesting statement, although not surprising coming from Rage Against the Machine. I just found that it is worth note because it was released in 1998, and here we are in 2008 and it still rings true.

I bet that the emotions in that stanza of the song reflect the way many Iraqis feel towards the United States. If George W. Bush's 'War on Terror' is continued than I am sure many more people will feel VERY similar. It is also very true that many people try to "bury the past," by diverting our attention onto distracting situations and news. One example I can think of is how the Clinton-Obama Democratic Presidential Race is being portrayed. When Barack Obama won the primary in North Carolina, Seth Godin makes a very good point in his post "The Media Markets" where he shows how the media just wants to create 'drama' not portray the actual news.

Another point is, how many places has the United States tried to initiate its 'democracy?' Who is to say that American democracy is any better than another method. North American society has become so 'Americentric' (yes, I made that word up) that people fail to see beyond the end of their noses. People need to wake up and realize that there is always two viewpoints to every story, and it's not always the popular 'truth' that is really true.

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