Friday, May 9, 2008

Critical of the Israeli Government? In Canada, That Makes You An Anti-Semite

In Canadian politics Steven Harper, Canadian Prime Minister, has made some accusations that there are anti-Semites lurking in the government. In a recent article Rae Asks Tory House Leader to Identify Opposition 'Anti-Semites'. Bob Rae, who is the Liberal foreign affairs critic, challenged the Tory government to point out which Liberals were anti-Semites. The House Leader failed to point out any opposition members.

The article states:

"In the interview, Harper said that in some circles, anti-Israeli sentiment has become 'a thinly disguised veil for good old-fashioned anti-Semitism.' "

That is a very blatant statement to make about members of the opposition and government. It will be very interesting if Harper actually identifies which people he is actually referring to. Another important thing to note is that just because you criticize Israel doesn't mean that you are an anti-Semite. Israel is a COUNTRY, not a group of people, religion, or society. Although, all those elements make up the country, neither of them are being criticized when you question the Israeli government. If that was the case it would be virtually impossible to speak out against any government if they hid behind religion or culture. (I would definitely be persecuted for criticizing the United States, if that was the case).

I do agree that anti-Semitism is alive and well in most societies, and I do not condone any such beliefs or actions, but, if you are critical of the Israeli government that doesn't mean you hate Jewish people. The Israeli government has been less than perfect with dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and its 'strike first-ask questions later' attitude has something to be desired. Any government should be open to feedback from not only their citizens, but also the international community.

Harper should clarify who he is talking about, because it may just create an unfavorable environment for ANY critics of the Israeli government if he doesn't.


Anonymous said...

A shameful, hate-filled mockery of facts.

Israelophiles are petrified of the facts.

They resort to one thing only in a desperate attempt to cause a distraction - crying "racist!"

Of course, they know its no such thing.

Pure theatre. Pure antiCanadian theatre.

It speaks for itself. Conservatives and Liberals alike need to come together as one - as Canadians - and demand Harper's resignation for this revolting partisan display.

Democratic 'corruption' must be wiped out whenever it raises its tyrannical head.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to name names: Heres one: Bloc Québécois MP Réal Ménard, who is the co-chair, with Liberal Quebec Senator Lucie Pépin, of a parliamentary association for Palestine.

Menard led a demonstration in downtown Montreal last June supporting the Jew-hating terrorist organization Hezbollah while denouncing so-called Israeli “apartheid.”

Along with Canada, Israel is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world. About 20% of Israelis are Arabs, who vote, have political parties, sit in parliament, sit in the governing cabinet, act as ambassadors, fight in the armed forces, and sit as judges in Israeli courts all the way up to Israel’s supreme court.

Of course Israeli Arabs also play for Israeli soccer teams get elected as Israel’s beauty queen for the Miss World pageant, appear as television personalities etc.

The large majority of Israeli Arabs are Palestinians and, aware that they’re citizens of the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, want nothing to do with any future Palestinian state.

Half of Israeli Jews come from Muslim countries all over the Middle East and beyond in Africa and Asia, having been expelled by the Muslim majorities. Thus for example, the last President of Israel was an Iranian.

The remaining Israeli Jews (comprising about 40% of the population) are of European descent, having fled European Jew-hatred to return home to Israel.

Happy birthday Israel!

DC said...

Those are some really good points. I just don't want to see this blow out of proportion, and have people who criticize the Israeli government be labelled as anti-Semites.

I agree that there are anti-Semites around the world, and I do not condone these beliefs. I think there is a problem if any criticism marks a person as a racist or worse.