Thursday, May 29, 2008

The War on Terror: Pick a Terror Threat, Any Terror Threat

In recent news:

Fox News is running a story about recent insights from Homeland Security on who is worse: Al-Qaeda or Hezbollah?

JERUSALEM — Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff warned Thursday that the radical Islamic group Hezbollah "makes Al Qaeda look like a minor league team," and poses the greatest threat to national security.


It is interesting to see that Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff is stating that Hezbollah is worse than Al-Qaeda. It also strikes me as a more than a slight coincidence that there has been recent talk about Iran being the next potential target of the 'War on Terror,' and then we have this statement released saying that Hezbollah, which has been tied to Iran, is portrayed as worse than the terrorist group the United States has had its target set on for quite some time.

This also begs the question: if Hezbollah is worse than Al-Qaeda, then why did the United States invade Iraq to get rid of Al-Qaeda? Was it really necessary? Or is the difference in the threat of these two groups a really close match?

The Fox News story states:

"The group's primary weapons are believed to consist of an arsenal of Russian- and home-made rockets, as well as arms supplied through Iran, the group's political and spiritual ally."

It seems like Homeland Security is trying to force the issue of starting a war with Iran. The 'War on Terror' appears to take on attributes that fit with the goal of waging war on whatever target the United States wishes to attack next. I am not trying to say that I condone the terrorist activities of Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda, because I am adamantly against all forms of violence. I think it is rather convenient that Hezbollah is all of a sudden MUCH worse than the Al-Qaeda threat.

PS- One bit of information which may also sway how Chertoff portrayed Hezbollah is the fact that he presented this information in Jerusalem, Israel.