Monday, June 23, 2008

Dusting Off The Keyboard & Thoughts On Stress

Sorry all for my lack of posting. I have been extremely busy with... well, life! I had to stand at my friends wedding (Congratulations to the both of them, I hope they have a happy life together and the best of luck to them). I have been also trying to study for finals, and write several papers (the life of a student is an arduous one).

All of this brings me to a point I want to make about stress. Stress seems to be the most counterproductive reaction humans have to situations. For instance, we have the fight-or-flight response where our body protects itself from dangerous situations. But, stress seems to be an oddity. When we are under stress, it causes us to have a lowered immune system, our reaction times are 'off,' we are more clumsy, and our thought patterns are disrupted. All this leads to a very irritable person who is going to be rather useless when it comes to being productive.

What is the most interesting part of being stressed is that it comes from us thinking that we are unable to 'get something done,' 'meet people's expectations,' 'nervous about writing a test,' etc. All these moments when we need to be at our peak mental and physical condition is when our body hijacks our functionality.

For me, I used to be a very stressed person. When I was younger I would be so stressed that I thought I was going to get an ulcer in my stomach. I wouldn't be able to eat before tests, or when I played basketball because I would be VERY stressed. However, (I don't know when it happened but) at some point in time I just snapped out of it. I wouldn't get stressed about tests, because I thought to myself "what's the point," it just impairs my ability to accomplish what I think I won't. I thought about the logic behind it, and realized that stress is counterproductive in every way. There is no up side to being stressed, it is definitely the most negative response that humans can have to a situation. For instance, I had to read a speech at the wedding and I wasn't nervous at all. If I had to read the exact same speech in my earlier state of mind, I would have most definitely have been stressed and unable to get the words out (Plus, I enjoyed the wedding a lot more because I wasn't stressed and worried about problems).

That's my little spiel on 'stress,' so I hope that it helps some of you out there. Being stressed is never going to help anything. So if you find yourself stressed, just think about how it is adding to the problem rather than helping.


Caledonian Jim said...

Just wait until you have a Mother-in-Law mate . Then you'll know all about stress !