Monday, August 25, 2008

Stress Relief

I have just finished the second draft of my major research paper, and now my brain is certifiable mush. To relieve the wear and tear on my brain, I decided to play some mindless-online gaming, but I came across an interesting puzzle game called Fantastic Contraption.

This game lets you build (sometimes crazy looking) machines. These 'contraptions' are used to move the 'pink gamepiece' from the white start zone to the pink finish-area. Some of the beginning levels are easy to finish, while the later ones are very... well... complicated. If you need any encouragement to complete the harder levels or some enlightenment check out youtube. There are various videos of people's creations. Some are fantastic, while others are duds.

Here is my favourite contraption on Youtube:

So stop what you are doing for a little while, and build your own crazy contraption. Who cares if it works, it's just for fun. I've built some interesting machines that have went nowhere, but it made me laugh just looking at it.