Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Texas Town Wants To Arm Teachers

A while back in April I wrote an article about the idea of allowing students to carry guns on campus. My personal opinion is that students should not be able to carry guns on campus because I think it will only increase violence on campus, not decrease it.

Well, a small town in Texas has ignored the problems of letting guns into an educational environment. click here for the video.

They are allowing teachers at a local school to be armed. The Superintendent stated that it was to protect students from 'psychopaths' that might enter the town through the highway. He argued that in the grizzly killings that are reported by the media they always start out with: "It was a small town where no one thought anything like this could happen..."

My opinion is that guns never solve violence problems. Did the Superintendent ever think that the story may now read: "local teacher accidentally fires weapon in classroom..." I do not believe in weapons of any kind being allowed in a learning environment, or an environment which is the home to children. The parents of the young people that attend school in this small town have to wonder which is more likely to happen: A psychotic killer entering the school, or an accident with a firearm?

Guns do not negate violence. In this situation you cannot really fight fire with fire. The lives of children are at stake here, it is not like guarding a convenience store in a hard neighbourhood, care must be taken with young people's lives.