Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here's Johnny!

Hello all,
I know you haven't heard from me in a LOOOONNNNGGGGG time and most people have probably started to stop making visits to the site because I haven't updated it in many months... BUT, I am writing to let you all know.. (whoever is listening) that I will be starting to post again just before Christmas Day! I know you all must be pretty I'll let you take a moment...


Okay, back? Alright! Seriously though, I will be back to my old posting habits... and I have all this pent up article writing to let out (although, I have done my fair share of writing/reading these past couple of months) I hope that you will enjoy reading my upcoming articles as much as I love bringing them to you.

Take care all.... I'll e-see you all later.. (do you see what I did there... huh-huh... I made an Internet joke... ...yeah, I know it is pretty lame... but it made you smile a little bit... right?)