Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Inappropriate' Apparently Has a New Meaning

I am sure that many of you have probably heard about Carrie Prejean's antics on Larry King Live, but for those of you that have not, here is a clip:

I think La Figa gives the best summarization of the video and what actually happened, but I want to get at something else...a larger overarching theme that this brings up. She kept telling Larry that she couldn't talk about her mediation with the Miss USA Pageant and continuously called Larry "inappropriate." She even threatened to leave the show at one point because he was being "inappropriate." However, all he did was ask her a question about the mediation. He never talked down to her; he never insulted her; I don't even think he looked at her the wrong way.

People like Miss Prejean do not make me feel sorry for them. I know some individuals are probably saying "people should leave the poor girl alone, she's been through enough," but is that really Larry King's fault? or other media personalities like him? I don't think it is. She agreed to go on the Larry King Show and I am sure she has agreed to appear on many other shows. We all know that King is going to ask questions that are controversial or get at the crux of what popular media wants to know. So, why is Prejean so oblivious to this? Personally I don't think she is. As you can see from the video, she talks to a 'handler' off screen before she removes her mic. She has people influencing what she says and where she says it. This is purely publicity (as you can probably tell).

So I do not feel sorry for people like Prejean. They agree to be on these shows where they know the host is in control of how the interview questions go. If she wants a pro-Carrie-Prejean-question-period, maybe she should create her own television show, although I don't think many people would watch.


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