Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama How Now Bow: Update!

I was visiting one of my favourite blogs recently, FireDogLake, and came across this excellent article/find: "Attention Right-Wing Idiots: Nixon Bowed to Chairman Mao."

So, after reading that article I can only come to one conclusion: people see what they want to see. I guess it doesn't matter how many pictures we find of Nixon bowing to various people, or any other presidents, naysayers are still going to condemn Obama for his bows.

I am glad that Blue Texan wrote this article and showed the public that they shouldn't jump to conclusions. There are always various perspectives on any story, but at least make sure you have explored all evidence before you start 'yelling in the streets.'


The Commentator said...

That was a slight nod. That wasn't a bow. Obama bowed at a 45 degree angle. Much different. It still doesn't disprove Obama scuffed this one.