Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update/Perception and Your Life View

Seems like I have been getting into the habit of writing on this blog for an indeterminate amount of time, and then end up stopping for a longer period. While I am sure it will continue like this as my education continues and eventually I get a job to preoccupy the rest of my time, I feel like this is a good exercise in getting ones feelings and thoughts out into the world and who knows, maybe it will help someone.

To get back into the writing rhythm I have decided to make this post a little more philosophical and based on my own experiences rather than my usual commentary on politics and world news. Since I last wrote a lot has happened to me and in my opinion I have gained good life experiences and feel like I am back on track with my life. I have started focusing on things that are important to me and making sure I have good connections with people.

With that being said, I find myself back home (my hometown) for the summer trying to find summer employment to help me out when I head back to school in September. This is the first time I have been home for about 4 years now. Previously, I would go to school straight through the fall, winter and summer sessions. I would only come here on holidays and other special occasions. It definitely feels different. It is good to see family and friends, but it feels... different. I know I have used that word twice now, but there is no other way I can describe it. The feeling I had when I lived her everyday is completely different than the one I get now when I am here. I am not sure if it is because I have formed great friendships and relationships away from this place and now this place seems foreign, but it is definitely very noticeable. However, I have found time to catch up with my brother and my parents.

As I mentioned, I have been trying to look for a job, but have been unsuccessful. The problem is that I am not a high school student, and most of the jobs available for the summer are geared towards them. Being a university graduate there are no government grants that help me procure work. If an employer hires a high schooler they can get the government to pay for a portion of their salary, whereas I have no such incentive. While this did get me down for a while, because I found myself spending enormous amounts of time on the computer, I have decided to accept it. I have put my resumes out there and there is not much else I can do about that.

The main thing that I have re-realized is that younger me was much smarter than present day me. While I have presently been fretting about what to do and having no job to occupy me, younger me wouldn't have been so distressed by these circumstances. When I was young I was never bored, or didn't have something to do. I would find amusement in mostly anything! The key is to focus on whatever you are doing and place great value in it. I am glad that I have realized this and now I am doing much better. For instance, I have started playing a game on the Internet called where you play trivia and donate rice to help starving people. It is activities like this that help you understand it is not what you do, but how you perceive them. It is all about the value that we instill into whatever it is that we do.

Essentially, what I am saying is that you can change your perceptions on reality to fit your situation. Also, it helps having great people in your life to help you get through the hard times.


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